Windows 7 – Default Profile for VDI

I’ve managed to get a fair few EUC projects under my belt now ranging from small 50 seat deployments up to 4000 seat cross country deployments. Some have been from cradle to grave, whilst others have been bit part roles.

I’ve seen multiple issues in some deployments, many of which generally point back to the default profile. One common theme I’ve noticed (especially with Windows 7) is people often underestimate the importance of the Windows 7 default profile in their master image, so much so, I decided to write some “How to…” posts on a tried and tested method of creating a Windows 7 image with a correctly configured default profile. I wrote three posts which can be found over on my company blog site:

Windows 7 – The Default Profile Part 1

Windows 7 – The Default Profile Part 2

Windows 7 – The Default Profile Part 3

If you are planing an EUC deployment or even working on one now, I’d suggest having a quick read.


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