VCAP-DCD | Objective 1.2 | Gather and analyse application requirements

Given a scenario, gather and analyse application requirements

To gather and analyse the application requirements we need to focus on the current state analysis, as the objective heading states with a close focus on applications to identify if they are candidates for virtualisation or not.

VMware Capacity Planner should be used to identify these candidates and potentially help identify any non-virtualisation candidates. Saying this, with the advances with each release of VMware vSphere, these should now be less common. It is vitally important to capture baselines of all candidates to include average and peak performance metrics. These metrics are vital to feed into the requirements documentation as well as helping to define consolidation ratios as well as comparisons post virtualisation.

All applications should be looked at individually to look at any dependencies that may be core to the application running successfully.

Application availability is key and must be determined from the off. This information will likely come from interviews with stakeholders and the business to determine the SLA of a certain application.

The information gathered from the current state analysis will help influence design decisions.

Given a set of applications within a physical environment, determine the requirements for virtualisation

So there are 5 key applications mentioned in the blueprint, yes, there will be others I am sure. Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL, Oracle, SAP and Java are all mentioned in the blueprint, so I would have thought any exam questions would be related to these specific technology sets. I’d suggest the following reading:

Microsoft Exchange 2010 on VMware

Microsoft SQL on VMware

Oracle Databases on VMware

SAP Solutions on VMware

Enterprise Java Applications on VMware

Gather information needed in order to identify application dependencies

This again, comes back to the current state analysis. VMware Capacity Planner is a key tool here for discovery, however this doesn’t help with application dependencies and relationships. Products such as vCenter Operations Manager and VMware vCenter Infrastructure Navigator can be used here to help with this analysis. This task should not be rushed and should be run over a period of at least 30 days to ensure the infrastructure in question goes through a full monthly cycle to ensure all process are captured. Discussions should be held with SME’s and business stake holders to establish what business processes wouldn’t be run during the monitoring period and what discussions should take place to determine what impact this may have on the infrastructure and wether the process are different to those that have run throughout the monitoring period.


Given one ore  more application requirements, determine the impact of the requirements on the design


This, as most of this objective has been, is very application specific. Each applications requirements is likely to be different, however the processes outlined already in this post should have already presented the required information.

Again refer to the VMware documentation I’ve linked to above and ensure you understand any application specific requirements.