VCP-IaaS Exam Experience

Let me start with a Disclaimer: I’ve obviously accepted an NDA before sitting the exam, so I will not release any direct information on the exam, so please don’t ask!

In previous months my main focus at work is moving away from the world of EuC/VDI and concentrating more towards the beast that is Cloud. I recently sat the VMware vCloud Director ICM course and took advantage of an exam voucher that meant I had to sit the exam before the end of October. I had scheduled this for the last working day of the month to get as much revision time as possible, however due to work commitments I had to bring this forward to this morning, but, I’m happy to say that I passed!

I’ve already mentioned in a previous post the resources I was planning to use to study, however briefly they were:

The exam itself is 85 multiple choice questions, with 8 survey questions. Usual time limits apply as with any VCP exam, 90 minutes with an additional 15 for the survey.

Personally, I found the exam questions very fair (if you’ve studied the blueprint!). After recently sitting the VCAP-DTD, I found the questions were more ‘to the point’ and were generally common sense questions as opposed to deeper technical questions, which makes the exam a little less stressful. Also I was still in VCAP mode working my way through the questions at some pace, which left me with plenty of time to spare after going through the questions.

I’d highly recommend utilising the resources above, but cannot emphasise enough (as with most VMware exams) the importance of lab time. Deploy the software, break the software, fix the software then do it all again. Doing so, you will familiarise yourself enough with the vCD to arm you with the knowledge required to pass this exam. I would say, focus on networking. It’s makes up a hefty piece of the vCD product and features in the exam. Also, do not dismiss vShield Manager, vCenter Chargeback and vCloud connector, they all feature in the blueprint and the exam!