vCAC 5.2 Distributed Execution Manager (DEM) Install Error

In preparation for an upcoming project, I’m installing vCAC 5.2 in my home lab. Anyone who has installed vCAC will have used the vCAC prereq checker tool. This tool is simply fantastic. vCAC has a huge amount of prereq’s that need to be configured, this tool does a great job in capturing everything. I like that it provides instructions on how to resolve issues when components need resolving. There is also a ‘Fix Issue’ button which allows for an automated fix of a handful of the requirements.

Prereq checker


With the checker reporting I was good to go, I proceeded with the install. All was going well until I came to install the DEM worker and I was met with the following error.

vCAC DEM Install Error


I did a few basic checks to ensure DNS was all good in the lab, however I had no issues there. Upon further investigation I looked to see what services the vCAC Server Setup had installed previously.

There is only one service which is the “VMware vCloud Automation Center Service” and it wasn’t started.



The vCAC server setup allows you to specify a service account to assign to this service, which I had ensured was a local admin on the server. When trying to start the service I got a permission error.

After granting the account the right to ‘Log on as a service’ the service did start and I was able to finish the installation of the DEM worker.

It seems odd to me that the PreReq checker doesn’t prompt for this, as it seems such a comprehensive tool.