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AHV Basics – Part 2 Network Segmentation

This is NOT an AHV only feature (ESXi and Hyper-V too) but a relevant follow up to the last post.

What is Network Segmentation?

Network segmentation is a security feature introduced in AOS 5.5 that separates management traffic from backplane traffic by creating separate virtual networks, one for each of these traffic types, on the default external virtual switch on each host. To enable the CVMs in a cluster to communicate over these networks, the CVMs are multihomed. Multihoming is facilitated by the addition of a virtual network interface card (vNIC) to the CVM and placing the new interface on the backplane network. Additionally, the hypervisor is assigned an interface on the backplane network.

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AHV Basics – Part 1 AHV Networking

Often when talking to customers about AHV, they are somewhat concerned that various aspects differ to that of other hypervisors they are familiar with, so I thought I would put some brief posts together explaining the basics, starting with networking.

AHV uses Open vSwitch (OVS) to connect the hypervisor, CVMs, and guest VMs to each other as well as to the physical network. As you would expect, the OVS service runs on each and every AHV node and starts automatically.

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Return of the home lab!

Back in January this year, I was lucky enough to attend an NPX bootcamp hosted at Nutanix HQ in San Jose. The week-long course is certainly the most intense course I have ever taken, leaving me feeling physically and mentally tired at the end of each day. It’s also the only course that is free (to external Nutanix people too) and the only course I have taken skills away from that I use in my job daily.

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Nutanix post build configuration script

When building out a net new Nutanix cluster, foundation does the majority of the work for you imaging the nodes, creating a cluster and populating the majority of configurations, however I wrote this (very basic) script to assist a customer with their post build configuration to ensure all their builds were standardised. Simply populate the variables and execute from a CVM. Continue reading

Upgrading vSphere from Nutanix Prism

Nutanix customers love the fact we give them their weekends back by having 1-click upgrades for the Acropolis operating system, BIOS, BMC, Firmware and the Hypervisor. When speaking to some customers still go through a multi-step process to include:

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Expanding a Nutanix Cluster

Number two in the video series……

One of the major appeals of Nutanix is pay as you grow economics. Start small and grow large, no forklift upgrades and having to forecast what your growth will be over the next ‘N’ years. Once you have your initial three node cluster, you can expand out your cluster at any time simply and non disruptively via Prism, you can even mix model types too to run different workloads in the same cluster.  Continue reading