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AHV Basics – Part 2 Network Segmentation

This is NOT an AHV only feature (ESXi and Hyper-V too) but a relevant follow up to the last post.

What is Network Segmentation?

Network segmentation is a security feature introduced in AOS 5.5 that separates management traffic from backplane traffic by creating separate virtual networks, one for each of these traffic types, on the default external virtual switch on each host. To enable the CVMs in a cluster to communicate over these networks, the CVMs are multihomed. Multihoming is facilitated by the addition of a virtual network interface card (vNIC) to the CVM and placing the new interface on the backplane network. Additionally, the hypervisor is assigned an interface on the backplane network.

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AHV Basics – Part 1 AHV Networking

Often when talking to customers about AHV, they are somewhat concerned that various aspects differ to that of other hypervisors they are familiar with, so I thought I would put some brief posts together explaining the basics, starting with networking.

AHV uses Open vSwitch (OVS) to connect the hypervisor, CVMs, and guest VMs to each other as well as to the physical network. As you would expect, the OVS service runs on each and every AHV node and starts automatically.

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