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Expanding a Nutanix Cluster

Number two in the video series……

One of the major appeals of Nutanix is pay as you grow economics. Start small and grow large, no forklift upgrades and having to forecast what your growth will be over the next ‘N’ years. Once you have your initial three node cluster, you can expand out your cluster at any time simply and non disruptively via Prism, you can even mix model types too to run different workloads in the same cluster. 

As you will have seen from the last video (if you haven’t it can be found here), foundation is now CVM based, therefore you can image nodes at the same time you expand out a cluster. Foundation will look at the baseline of the cluster (AOS version ‘X’ and Hypervisor version ‘Y’) and allow you to image a factory configured node to the same settings as your cluster and immediately add the capacity (storage and compute) to that cluster. This is the same regardless of adding a node or a block….

Here’s a video (sped up again) to show the process:

Building a Nutanix cluster

I’ve been at Nutanix for 30 months now, and what a journey it has been. The software has many new features, some of which I would have never thought would be possible, H/W models to serve every application requirement and multiple H/W vendors with Supermicro, Dell, Lenovo, Cisco and now HPE and even multiple hypervisor options with our own AHV, VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V and Citrix XenServer. 

Having such diversity, you need a strong story around installation and configuration. Going back to when I joined, I think it’s fair to say the automated installation process was still in it’s infancy, but today with CVM based foundation it’s a breeze and you can have multi-node clusters up and running guest VMs within an hour from the box, ever quicker if you choose AHV for the full native experience. 

Whilst Nutanix documentation is solid, I was asked by a customer for a video guide to help them with internal training. Therefore I’m starting a simple video series, starting with the cluster build process. I posted here:

The video is making use of the java applet for build, and is installing a VMware vSphere cluster. There is no narration, just a simple run-through. Yes, it has been sped up in parts, else it would be a little boring.

Stay posted for the rest of the series.